Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 Things I Can't Live Without!

I enjoyed this one very much because its always what i surround myself with and what makes me happy. God, Family, Josh, Zoey, and Friends... they are def. things i cannot live without!

Hope everyone had a very happy easter!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Elaine's CJ - My Welcome Sign

Five things that welcome you when you walk through my door is of course, miss zoey.. she has to say hello.. along with all her toys strung out all over the place. I can always put them up and they out 5 minutes later.. also.. we have a WII and an XBOX.. controllers are always out somewhere. Seeing out im a full time student and working as well.. and im coming to the end of college.. soon :) im always having books out for studying and what not. That's my welcome sign in a nutshell :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paula's Favorite Book Character CJ

I enjoyed doing the book character's because my three favorite book's have some good lookin guys :)
Hope you enjoy it Paula! This has been so much fun!

Kathi's Traveling CJ

Sorry they are late. I had so much fun making these and am so glad you ladies have let me play too. Hope you like them Kathi.

Now off to do Paulas.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heyyy ladies!
I actually had mine done sunday but just now getting them on here.. between 3 tests in 2 days and packing for my roadtrip tomorrow off to FLORIDDAAA :)
super excited.

Anyways, 3 thins i love about summer.. ball games, the beach, and fishing at night on the dock :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I have been wanting to get my LO done where I can start on all the others.. but this weather is just not allowing me to do so. So aggrivating!

LADIES.. I will have it done ASAP..
As most of you know I have just started getting into scrapping and I dont have too much stuff, mom said I have quite enough.. she is crazy.. compared to her.. i HAVE NOTHING.. I have none of the cool tools.. mostly.. not a circuit.. anyone willing to give away one?? haha :)

Anyways.. she has ALL of my pictures too from the last time I was there to scrap.. so I can't even get far with my stuff because I have to have my pictures to get started with how I'm going to do my LO's.. aggrrrivvaatttinggg.. and fitting in driving to duncan.. with 18 hours of school and working.. just isnt fun because that hads two hours to drive there and back.. so sad.. i know... haha!

But on the good side.. I'm heading back to FLORIDA in a week from tomorrow.. WHOOP WHOOP :) very excited!

Just wanted to update with you guys and let you know :) us Texas girls just aint used to this weather hahaha

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A scrap happy buddy gave me an award for 10 honest things about me.. so here I go

1. Procrastination is my biggest problem with life. I tend to put everything off till the last minute and it always comes back to bite me.

2. I remind myself of my mother majority of the time. I used to get mad when people would tell me I look like her or sound or act like her.. but now I take that as such a compliment. It's funny because a year ago my parent's took Josh and I skiing and he was around my mom for quite some time and realized where I get a lot of my stuff from. I laugh at myself when I say something and then im like OMG I just sounded like my mother.

3. I can be very stubborn.. just ask josh :) poor guy!

4. I'm usually a very happy bubbly person and try and get along with everyone. It makes things easier and it takes a lot more out of me to not like someone or be mad then be happy.

5. When I think about it.. I can be bossy :( not something I'm proud of. Sometimes I don't even realize it but I can come across bossy.. mainly with just my family and Josh. Sad you treat the ones you love most the worst... I used to be told I do that by my lovely mother :) but it was always true.. But I can say I think i've gotten alot better.

6. I have a big heart and tend to forgive to easily. Sometimes thats a good thing and sometimes thats a bad thing.

7. I'm pretty good at poker. Never knew it until the first night I played all Josh's co-workers.. first game I ever played and WON :) I have a good poker face and no one can ever read me :)

8. I tend to eat out way too much, and need to learn how to cook... (HINT HINT MOTHER.. that cook book your supposed to scrap for me :))

9. I'm getting tired of school.. ready to graduate.. but I know I want my masters.. ahhh they made school shorter..

10. I'm not usually a shy person but have figured out speaking infront of a huge college class is hard for me. Not sure why because I LOVE talking.. and having conversations with others.. but I turn bright red and feel so embarrased.. not cool. ha!

Hope you enjoyed... was kinda hard..

Have a good weekend everyone!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A little bragging for my baby..

This is my babygirl.. she is oh so spoiled rotten.. she is my child, yes... CHILD.. she is human.. and she thinks so too! She was seriously the EASIEST puppy to ever train.. so I dont think I could EVER get another puppy.. because she was just too fun and easy.

..This picture here is when we were in Florida!
This picture here.. I believe was within the first we got her.. she was 1.3 pounds and FULL of joy!
I just love this little picture of her.. she still has this bone and bed.. :)

This picture here was from the breeder.. she was the runt.. we went to actually see one of her sister's.. but FELL in love with her!

This picture here just makes me crack up laughing.. when im at my parents.. this is her favorite place to be! Poor Kiara just hates it when we come.. well, let me say that again.. poor Kiara.. just hates it when I bring Zoey with me! David didn't much care for Zoey at first.. but he misses her when shes not there to keep his lap warm :)
But anyways, this is my cute, oh so precious... well behaved dog... UNTIL THIS...

SHE DID THIS TO MY LAPTOP.. AHHHHHHH!! thought i was going to beat her! Zoey is finally out of the puppy stage.. but during the puppy stage never did she tear anything up.. ahh but TODAY, she tore up momma's laptop! Even though she didn't really mean to.. but run across it while it was sitting in my lap.. i was oober mad till joshua came to the rescue.. and put my keys back on for me :)

And while i was trying to fix it myself.. she wanted to play catch with her poodle.. (its a poodle stuffed dog) and well she figured out real quick momma was still mad at her.. so she climb up beside me and laid there with her poodle snuggled up with it.. AWWWW.. you just cant help but love her!
Anyways, those of you that dont know.. Zoey is a Snorkie :) yes.. 1/2 yorkie 1/2 schnauzer! And just cute as can be! On Dec. 7th 2009 she turned one! She was the easiest dog to potty train.. even living in an upstairs apartment.. SHE DOESNT BARK.. yes, you heard that right.. she has slowly learned how to bark from being at the grandparent's house and their dogs.. but she still doesn't bark unless to get your attention at the door to go potty.. such a good dog right? YES!!
She has learned how to sit.. and starting to learn how to shake.. shes got the paw up for shake but before you ask she has her paw up.. smart little booger!
One last thing i adore about her.. when we were in florida.. it rained and stormed ALL THE TIME.. first time it did.. it was just raining... but it was loud and you could hear it.. and zoey just starts shaking horribly.. I call my mom in a panic.. thinking something is wrong with her.. come to find out she is deathly afraid of any storm.. its soo funny she just shakes the wholeee time.. right now.. its storming here, and she is next to me just shaking to death! It's kinda sad but funny at the same time!
Okay, enough about my rotten child today! I'm sure you will hear way more zoey stories!

Friday, January 22, 2010

My first CJ.. definitely not my last :)

I finally got a blog started.. wooo hooo :)
Anyways.. as some may know im in a circle journal (which is called a CJ) and this is mine :)
I'm definitely so so excited about it and excited to get to know all these wonderful ladies!!
Plus I got a tonnn of stuff for christmas for scrapping and so excited that ive started working on different things getting started.. and im oh so ready to learn neat things from everyone else.
I LOVEEE going to my moms.. she has always been so giving to us (my brother and I).. and now everytime i go to their house I get stuff.. and not just anything.. SCRAPPING stuff! I loveee ittt...

So here is my welcome page ladies... for the Daily Number's CJ! WOO HOO!!
I'm stoked to see everyone's and see all their work they do and learn from it.. buttt i gotta pretty good teacher already, my momma :) We have a sign in for our cj for each lo.. I did a flip flop.. but just asking everyone to do something that resembles summertime with a picture and their name and where they are from :)

Well there is mine so far.. I'll have my lo's soon ladies!!
Oh and thanks to my momma for helping me get this up and running today for everything and my new scrapping stuff :)