Thursday, January 28, 2010


A scrap happy buddy gave me an award for 10 honest things about me.. so here I go

1. Procrastination is my biggest problem with life. I tend to put everything off till the last minute and it always comes back to bite me.

2. I remind myself of my mother majority of the time. I used to get mad when people would tell me I look like her or sound or act like her.. but now I take that as such a compliment. It's funny because a year ago my parent's took Josh and I skiing and he was around my mom for quite some time and realized where I get a lot of my stuff from. I laugh at myself when I say something and then im like OMG I just sounded like my mother.

3. I can be very stubborn.. just ask josh :) poor guy!

4. I'm usually a very happy bubbly person and try and get along with everyone. It makes things easier and it takes a lot more out of me to not like someone or be mad then be happy.

5. When I think about it.. I can be bossy :( not something I'm proud of. Sometimes I don't even realize it but I can come across bossy.. mainly with just my family and Josh. Sad you treat the ones you love most the worst... I used to be told I do that by my lovely mother :) but it was always true.. But I can say I think i've gotten alot better.

6. I have a big heart and tend to forgive to easily. Sometimes thats a good thing and sometimes thats a bad thing.

7. I'm pretty good at poker. Never knew it until the first night I played all Josh's co-workers.. first game I ever played and WON :) I have a good poker face and no one can ever read me :)

8. I tend to eat out way too much, and need to learn how to cook... (HINT HINT MOTHER.. that cook book your supposed to scrap for me :))

9. I'm getting tired of school.. ready to graduate.. but I know I want my masters.. ahhh they made school shorter..

10. I'm not usually a shy person but have figured out speaking infront of a huge college class is hard for me. Not sure why because I LOVE talking.. and having conversations with others.. but I turn bright red and feel so embarrased.. not cool. ha!

Hope you enjoyed... was kinda hard..

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. What the heck girl! Why are you getting to go to Florida again??

    P.S. ( can't wait for Sunday)

  2. Ok, I know you don't want to hear it, but even in your writing you sound like your mother. But that is not a bad thing! She's a great lady. Hope she has electricty and you and Josh are warm.