Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I have been wanting to get my LO done where I can start on all the others.. but this weather is just not allowing me to do so. So aggrivating!

LADIES.. I will have it done ASAP..
As most of you know I have just started getting into scrapping and I dont have too much stuff, mom said I have quite enough.. she is crazy.. compared to her.. i HAVE NOTHING.. I have none of the cool tools.. mostly.. not a circuit.. anyone willing to give away one?? haha :)

Anyways.. she has ALL of my pictures too from the last time I was there to scrap.. so I can't even get far with my stuff because I have to have my pictures to get started with how I'm going to do my LO's.. aggrrrivvaatttinggg.. and fitting in driving to duncan.. with 18 hours of school and working.. just isnt fun because that hads two hours to drive there and back.. so sad.. i know... haha!

But on the good side.. I'm heading back to FLORIDA in a week from tomorrow.. WHOOP WHOOP :) very excited!

Just wanted to update with you guys and let you know :) us Texas girls just aint used to this weather hahaha


  1. You are just going to have to make a drive down during the week after class if you can't come Sunday. You've got big Sat plans.... besides... you should come see my car!

  2. Im so jealous girl! I get what you mean by the whole you have nothing compared to your mom! An if we can't make it to Duncan were going to have to just get together and work on out stuff sometime.

  3. yea, weather can be awful down south and you have some stuff, and if you keep stealing from your Mama, then you will have even more. You will get it done and I can't wait to see it

  4. Weather, what's weather wouldn't know about it here in so cali ;) You'll see, in no time you will accumulate more stuff than you can imagine!!